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I’m really happy with all that you guys have done for us. It seriously looks awesome!

– Laura H., Jordan River Commission


Our work brought together the Utah Department of Water Quality, the Jordan River Commission, the Center for Documentary Expression and Art, and local Salt Lake City area schools.


The design of the mobile-first My Jordan River app was guided by mobile standards and user experience.


The app is powered by Web technologies to ensure broadest compatibility at lowest cost, and no app store installation hassles.


Braindunk continues to provide support and security updates for the app.

My Jordan River


My Jordan River Screenshot


The Salt Lake City area has an extraordinary number of public spaces in nature, but one in particular — the Jordan River — had lost its charm with the local populace over the past fifty years. Pollution overcame the natural attraction flowing through the local communities and into the Great Salt Lake.

The U.S. EPA funded a vast environmental restoration project for the Jordan River, including a community engagement component. Braindunk team members worked on this EPA-funded project to build a mobile app that integrates community history, local site-specific stories, and resources along the Jordan River Parkway system with mapping tools for visitors.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized the My Jordan River app as a Next Generation Compliance Example.

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  • Powered by Google Maps

    with geofences + proximity detection

    My Jordan River

    Drupal, HTML 5 + jQuery Mobile

    Google Maps, Drupal, HTML 5 + jQuery Mobile
  • Water Quality

    Improves as community
    re-connects to the River

    My Jordan River
    Jordan River water quality
  • US Environmental Protection Agency

    Funded My Jordan River

    My Jordan River
    US EPA
  • Rivers are worth saving

    Endangered Rivers and the Conservation Movement

    read @ Google Books
    view of the Jordan River


Our mission to support communities of knowledge

We are very happy with our new website. The team at Braindunk were highly organized and delivered a quality product based on our specifications. Communication was strong throughout the project and we appreciate all of the care, consideration and responsiveness to our project and organizational needs.

– Sharon G., Kitsap Regional Library


Our team worked on-site interviewing patrons and staff at the nine KRL branch locations.


We provided a new responsive site design that embodies the new KRL brand and celebrates the vitality of the organization.


A powerful Drupal content management system - complete with custom modules provides advanced calendar + print publishing integration.


Braindunk continues our relationship with KRL after site launch to push forward on new features while providing security monitoring + updates.

Kitsap Regional Library


Kitsap Regional Library Screenshot


Braindunk is proud to have recently launched a new responsive CMS-powered site for the nine-branch Kitsap Regional Library in Washington state.

The Kitsap Regional Library system had recently updated its brand identity and needed a new online presence. Braindunk harnessed the full power of the enterprise-class Drupal CMS to provide a consolidated site for all devices to KRL’s staff and patrons.

The new site provides comprehensive event listings for all nine locations as well as the traveling Bookmobile’s daily stops. When it is time for the library to publish its quarterly print publication, Inspire, a seamless workflow provides direct importing of all events from the site into an Adobe InDesign document, saving countless hours of conversion and hand-entry when done the “old way.”

Armed with a user-centered approach, Braindunk produced user personas and scenarios for all of the Library’s key audiences. In-person and phone-based interviews brought real patron feedback into the design, development and testing processes.


  • Powered by Drupal 7

    Content Management System

    HTML5, jQuery + InDesign

    Drupal 7, HTML5, jQuery + Adode InDesign
  • 97% Say Site "Easy to Use"

    Post Launch Patron Survey
    97% of patrons say site easy to use
  • Kitsap Regional Library

    Serves the Kitsap Peninsula
    KRL serves the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state
  • “In Praise of Libraries”

    from The Rotarian

    view @
    In Praise of Libraries


Cutting-edge user experience connects people to the arts

Design agency Cognition Studio, Inc. and development firm Braindunk collaborated on a web experience with bold typography, branded photography and video, and readability that scales across devices.

– Webpick of the Week, Communication Arts


“In anticipation of the influx of users during the festival, Braindunk used a Drupal CMS that scales up on a dime and keeps load times fast.”


Braindunk continues to support the Festival site through multiple annual gatherings, enhancing and improving the technology that brings festival-goers to the many venues and special events.

Napa Valley Film Festival


Napa Valley Film Festival Screenshots


Braindunk was selected from amongst dozens of firms in a nationwide talent search to build the new Napa Valley Film Festival site.

More than 50,000 unique users visited the site in the first few months of its launch.

“Multi-day pass sales have exceeded goals,” says Jason Redmond, audience development director of the Napa Valley Film Festival.

“With the ability to give chefs and wineries equal visibility to films and filmmakers, the site showcases all aspects of the experience better than our old site.”


  • Powered by Drupal 7

    Content Management System

    HTML 5, CSS 3 + jQuery

    Drupal, HTML 5, CSS 3 + jQuery
  • Napa is famous for wine

    and culture...
    Napa Valley vineyards
  • Webpick of the Week

    Communication Arts
    Communication Arts
  • Film...
    What is its purpose?

    Asks Roger Ebert

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